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Eyewill: Making Face shields

I was sat there planning out my first mission for EyeWill; to set up a camp on the 28 of March to encourage low vision kids that nothing limited them from pursuing anything, even photography. It’s not like I did not see it coming, however, after all of the hard work I had put into the first mission I wanted to be hopeful. Clearly, I was wrong, for all was cancelled shortly after.

I was quite down as a project that I had been so invested in had been stopped just like that. As days rolled by, all I ever heard was the mention of this virus. Frustrated and quite annoyed, I grew tired of feeling that way. I was looking for ways that I could help those fighting in the front lines treating the patients from COVID-19. This is when my mom brought home a face shield. She explained that face shields were being used by these front-liners to add a layer of protection to their face, especially to prevent them from ever coming in contact with the droplets. After looking at the simple design of the face shield, I figured that overall, it was not hard to produce. So I proposed the idea, began ordering the materials, and making our face shields.

We then found someone who had connections to various Hospitals and Puskesmas all over Indonesia. She provides us with the number of face shields they would need and the address to send them to. As of the time that I am writing this, we have delivered over 3600 face shields to various Medical Facilities all around Indonesia. We have collaborated with TGI (thrifted goods Indonesia) and Hotel Morrisey who have both helped in transporting or spreading the word on donating to our cause. We are currently collaborating with SaniMist Sanitizer, to purchase and donate their Hypoallergenic Sanitizers to Medical Facilities fighting against COVID-19.

EyeWill was not an initiative brought upon by the current situation but are doing everything we can to support those fighting. Find out more information at @eyewill_indo on Instagram.

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