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Throughout the COVID pandemic, many groups of people have been struggling to produce food. Our aim is to not only help them with that issue, but also give the chance to those people to learn more about hydroponics and why it is important.


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We have partnered with Abigail Orphanage in order to make this possible and we are currently taking these steps to make sure that our plan to give them a working hydroponic set happens:

1.  Get funding for hydroponics.
2.  Build and assemble hydroponics at home.
3.  Test hydroponics for a certain number of months to ensure that there are no issues.
4.  Think of a way to properly and safely transport the working hydroponic system to the orphanage.


In search of a community to work with, we have partnered with Abigail Orphanage who have been interested in our idea. We have been told that the head of the orphanage loves taking care of plants and would love to take on this opportunity. This would be a great chance for all the children to learn about plants and why the hydroponic system is important to our community.

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