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More than 40 million people in Indonesia lack access to a clean water supply. Buying clean water or boiling water from the garden hose has imposed a significant burden on the poor; Our interviewees have told us that it takes around 20 percent of their income.  We plan to change this.



For each village who needs help, we do the following steps:

1. Collect and test water samples from every household's water source to find what substances need to be filtered out.

2. Research the most economical water filter that suites that village. By the term "economical", we place emphasis on factors such as maintenance, cost, size etc.

3. A pitch to JIS Peduli to get access to funding.

4. Donate the filter(s) and return back every 4 months to repair or replace.



For the past 4 years, we have supported a community called "XS village", where most of its residents work as GOJEK drivers and waste pickers. After EOG successfully placed 6 water filtration systems in the community, XS has become self-sufficient in producing its own clean water - without spending precious money and risking buy-ins. 

Now that the chapter on XS and EOG's partnership had come to an end, EOG is currently searching for a new community to aid.  

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