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We are in unprecedented times. But never would I ever have thought that one day I would need to learn how to sew.


To find out more and read about our inspiration to start this, check out the blog on the news page!


The main purpose of this was to create a re-usable mask prototype that can be washed by taking out and re-inserting the filter. The filter would need to be replaced once every 3 washes.

While waiting to receive the materials from our sponsors, I researched several masks types and narrowed the results to 1 mask which was easiest to sew and was the most efficient in blocking these particles.

Once I received the materials, I made an instructional video and sent an email to the rest of the school for volunteers willing to help Engineering Off-Grid on this project.

We collaborated with the Knit and Stitch club and Mr Calvert's Social Impacts class! A big shoutout to our 20 volunteers! I asked each volunteer how much material they wanted and packed the respective material into packets that they picked up the following day.

Once they were done, I recollected the masks and washed all of them, before adding filters and packaging 2 filters in a packet along with the masks.

This process is ongoing, so please contact us if you would like to help out!

Make your own masks TODAY:

Donated filter
donated cotton fabric
masks sewn

We are incredibly thankful for Pt Kanvas Cemerlang Perdana and the ADR group for playing a huge part in making this project possible.

Collaborating with the Knit and Stitch Club and Mr Calvert's Social Impacts class, we are making the first wave of donations (120 masks) to Wisma Cheshire on the 27th of March!

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