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EOG’s first in-person meeting in two years!


EOG recently held its first meeting where members were split into three separate divisions focusing on a different aspect of the club, they include the solar panels, aquaponics, and water filters, division.

To begin with, the solar panel division introduced new changes that allowed members to be more participative in the making of the solar panels. Instead of working with their previous sponsor, JSkye, and only purchasing solar panels, the division will now focus on improving smaller solar panels. Not only is this much more affordable, but by creating solar-based products, it can be sold to fund other projects and allows members to have more on-hand experience. An example of the aforementioned solar-based products would be a solar panel fan, in which students will research and learn more about how to increase the efficiency of the solar panel. Within this first meeting, Tim had members research potential solar-based products that people from the JIS community may want to purchase and had them elaborate as to why they may want them.

Moving on, another division hard at work was those in charge of water filters. As covid restrictions have eased, building off last year's research the water filtration division intends to design and research procedures on how to build a low-cost, sustainable water filtration system according to a community’s needs. Having successfully provided XS village with a sustainable source of clean water, as can be seen in figure 1, the division is tasked with finding a new community to help. In our first meeting, Austin and Denise divided members of the division into separate groups which include research, community outreach, and blog writers.

Finally, aquaponics, a newly developed division, thrives on the idea of symbiosis. Symbiosis is an interaction where aquatic waste is used as fertilizer to grow plants and in return, the plants clean the water for the fish. Creating a low-cost and sustainable aquaponics system provides a community with sufficient vegetables and proteins from aquatic animals, like fish, which they can either sell or consume. Within the first meeting, the division researched further into the aquaponic system and formulated a way to implement it in partner communities, and shortlisted several systems within the budget.

Together, the club was able to begin its preparation for a new beginning as we wrap up last years effort to help others and prepare for a new opportunity.

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